Moseb Tower



What we do


The design of Mesob tower is unique and reflects Ethiopian culture. The public-private partnership development upon completion will contribute to, inflow of tourists and will also enhance the positive image of the country.
It also enables the hotel and tourism industry to solve problems related to shortage of training rooms, student dormitories and model hotels that have been major hindrances to improve the knowledge of trainees with practical experiment. Accordingly Moseb Tower will play significant role to advance the services of the institute having important training facilities.
The project will also have model hotel which will enable the institute to generate income through offering services with trained waiters/waitresses. It would help the institute to provide sufficient and efficient trained human power to the tourism industry. It plays a crucial for the development and enhancement of trained professionalism through opening opportunity for ten thousands in hotel and tourism services. We also plan to give training to instructors who work in tourism and hotel technical and vocational training schools located in various states across the country.

Tower , Ethiopia

Mesob Tower is an Ethiopian hotel and tourism project designed to build in A Mesob figure which scales 5B+G+70250 M high
... A symbol of unity!